Maxfind 2020 Dual+ 1200W Best Electric Skateboard Max2 PRO-High powered Electric Skateboard

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Maxfind 2020 Dual+ 1200W Best Electric Skateboard Max2 PRO-High powered Electric Skateboard

Are you a passionate skateboarder? Then investing in the best electric skateboard, which can give you the best bang for the buck is a very wise move. An electric skateboard can actually be defined as a personal transporter, which is primarily based on a skating board. Since it is electric or motorized, weight sensor controls or handheld throttle are used in controlling its speed. You can make adjustments on the travel direction if you tilt the board to one side.

However, with the numerous skating boards on the market, finding the perfect one for you is a bit tricky and challenging. Your goal should be to find a very maneuverable motorized electric skateboard, which is also built for range, reliability, and speed.



Maxfind Max2 PRO | Performance Improvement


Maxfind Dual Motor Electric Skateboard Max2 PRO should also be included in your list of options if you want a dependable electric board your money can buy. This Maxfind electric skateboard can give you a lot of power in just one product considering the fact that it utilizes the dual-motor technology. It is also a skateboard, which delivers a 15 -mile range or distance with just one charge. It is waterproof by using the IP65 waterproof class. It is also popular for its ability to handle a maximum speed of 24 miles range per hour.

It is lightweight, too as it only weighs 220 lbs. at most. If the battery dies, you will never have a hard time carrying it with you because it is totally lightweight. You can also charge the lithium-ion battery in as little as an hour. Maxfind new design and feature can also be seen in this product as it also makes use of a small and completely wireless controller. You can use it in controlling the speed of the board.

New Generation of Rubber Anti-slip Sandpaper. Overcoming the technical difficulty far beyond the past, exiting a non-slip mat that is different from traditional emery and using PVC and PEA synthetic materials, making anti-skid lines through the embossing roller process, and then hitting Color design production. Under the anti-slip effect, it can prevent scratches and scratches. Behind every ingenuity is a technological breakthrough that is unique.

The dual motor has a total power of 1,200*2 watts, which is decent enough for almost all riding purposes. It rides fast while also handling up to 265-lb. rider’s weight. With its 25% hill grade, it has the capacity of climbing hills without any issues.


  • Utilizes a dual-motor technology, capable of supplying a decent amount of power up to 1,200*2 watts
  • New Generation of Rubber Anti-slip Sandpaper.
  • Water-resistant, allowing it to handle the snow and the rain
  • Inspired by its diamond-cut design, the diamond-cut design can be seen from the side, the tail or the back.
  • 25% hill grade, which promotes a hassle-free experience when climbing hills
  • Controllable speed with the help of the built-in wireless remote controller



  •  Tends to slow down its speed when going uphill.


Your decision to buy the electric skateboard gives you the chance to welcome yourself to a world of fun, excitement, and adventure. It is mainly because the whole skateboarding field is known for giving its enthusiasts an exhilarating adventure.Your goal should be to find one, which is suitable for the specific manner through which you plan to use it as well as the level of comfort it provides. I think this Max2 Pro is your best choose.


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