Kevin Lee - May 9th 2022

7th anniversary LIMITED sale & Giveaway


The Best Electric Skateboard Riding Experience

The newly updated FF AT is the most pioneering off-road electric skateboard. With faster speed, longer range, smarter and more powerful gear, it provides long-distance riding and good passability on all kinds of terrains. We blend design performance inspiration with the latest technology to give riders the ultimate riding experience.

The FF BELT is your dream high-performance electric skateboard with attention to detail in every turn, including FF BELT's exclusive 3000W high-performance belt motor for higher speed and lightning-fast acceleration.

The Maxfind FF PLUS, all-terrain electric skateboard, is the leading off-road electric skateboard in the US for now. Equipped with 1200W*2 high-torque hub motors, it can deal with 35% of slopes. The 165 mm vacuum rubber wheels provide 4.7 inches of ground clearance to help you perfectly conquer all roads, such as slopes, gravel, dust, etc.

Maxfind FF STREET is a high-performance electric skateboard. From idea to production, the FF STREET experienced repeated molding and detail improvement, which includes longer range and lightning-fast acceleration. Made of the latest skateboard electric PPS composite material, the deck is to maintain flexibility and absorb shock. While the latest Hobbywing ESC provides smooth riding.


Choose Your Perfect Electric Skateboard and Start Your Adventure!

Whether you are heading to work, taking a trip downtown, or grabbing a bite to eat, the MAX4 PRO takes you wherever you want. What’s more, the battery is removable so you can recharge at home, the office, or even a local cafe.

Designed for students and teens, the Maxfind MAX2 PRO has great range and speed for those looking for a campus and short commute. And the Maxfind MAX2 PRO is good value for money. For this reason, others will love this board, not just students.

Maxfind Max One offers increased security and portability. For beginners, ease of operation and safety is paramount, so we use the venerable Hobbywing Esc for smoother acceleration and braking.


As Maxfind 7th Anniversary approaches, we want to say Thank You to all of our amazing Maxfind riders, board reviewers, board photographers for making the past several years so memorable. We have a 7Th Anniversary Sale in May. Let’s see details!

  • What discount you can get?
    1.  All the price shows on the website is a discounted price.
    2. All repeated customer can contact customer service to get an extra 10% OFF.
    3. All customers can get a 10% OFF on all accessories.
  • How to get giveaways?
    1.  Re-post this post to get free Maxfind Cap and T-shirt.
    2. Share your riding video and tag “Maxfind 7th Anniversary“ to get a Shredlight light, only three available.
    3. If you ( repeat customers ) recommend your friends to order, you can get a set of PU bearings and your friends can get a 10% OFF
  • Other discount
    1.  Live Broadcast on 18th
    2. Flash Sale on FF AT on 18th and 19th.

If you have been thinking to get a Maxfind board but have held off to wait for a better price, then now is a good time! 

Note: If the above conditions are met, you can contact our customer service staff for review.

Buy a High Performance Electric Skateboard at The Best Price

If you are interested in buying the electric skateboards, be sure to check out our affiliate discount link here and uses code: “MAXFIND20” to receive $20 off during check out. It will help you get a small monetary discount and helps us out too. On top of that, you’ll be tagged as an Maxfind exclusive member and probably be treated better. Cheers!

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