Best All-Terrain and Off-Road Electric Skateboards in 2020

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Best All-Terrain and Off-Road Electric Skateboards in 2020

Electric skateboards are so much fun but sometimes it can be annoying that we are limited to sleek roads and pavement for our rides. Wit normal electric skateboards we are not allowed on the main roads. However, e-board companies are slowly also producing all-terrain electric skateboard models. I’ve conducted a lot of research and compiled a list of the most interesting and compelling off-road electric skateboards. If you have a look on other websites they often have outdated models on their list. In this article, I will take a look at all the latest and most trustworthy all-terrain electric skateboards on the market. I don’t want to keep you in suspense, so let’s get right to the juicy stuff.


Why use all-terrain electric skateboards?

All-terrain and off-road electric skateboards are often pretty big and expensive. Why would anyone buy these boards?

Like the name says off-road electric skateboards have the ability to be ridden off the road, giving you much more variety in your options of places to ride. They don’t limit you to urban use only, but you can go to the countryside and have the satisfaction of skateboarding. Who doesn’t want to have the freedom to drive anywhere you would like? I think most of us do. Driving everywhere is clearly impossible, but with all-terrain e-boards, the choice and variety where to ride get bigger.

You obviously can ride on rough asphalt, but also on gravel paths, dirt tracks, grasslands, the beach and even forest trails won’t stop you anymore. Imagine thinking about riding your mountain bike through forest trails, now you can switch your board for your bike. Doesn’t eboarding through the forest and mountains sound awesome? It is just so much fun rushing down – and up – mountains with your board. With off-road eboards, you can snowboard all year long!

One of the biggest advantages of off-road electric skateboards is that they make the rides on normal pavement and tarmac even smoother! Changing from the sidewalk to the road, riding over rails, getting up the pavement, just getting up curbstones, is just so much easier and smoother with all-terrain eboards. Hence with all-terrain eboards, you can get off the road and still shred and also own the road and urban terrain. City rides are much more convenient and relaxed flat out smoother with off-road electric skateboards.

What to consider when deciding on an off-road electric skateboard

With the ability to go off-road the, boards have to provide more than normal electric skateboards do. All-terrain boards are basically the monster trucks of skateboarding. To get up steep hills and overcome rocky obstacles these boards need power! They will need bigger wheels, bigger trucks, a larger battery, more powerful motors, maybe even a suspension system, and a larger deck to accommodate all this extra power.

On top of that, electric skateboards which can be taken off roads have to be built very consciously and with great quality. When riding in rough terrain many parts of eboards experience a high temperature due to the required power, physical stress, and severe vibrations. They clearly need excellent brakes too! Off-road boards just have to be stronger to stand up to the potential forces involved. Hence they have to be designed and manufactured diligently and with high-quality parts. These reasons also lead to high prices. So be warned: if you want to purchase an all-terrain electric skateboard you probably have to dig deep into your pocket. Let me tell you though, it really is worth it!

  • Wheels and wheel size: When wanting to ride off roads we need big tires that can handle the rough ground. The normal longboard urethane wheels are just not made for rocky paths. This is the most essential difference between regular and Off-Road electric skateboards. But clearly not the only one. If an e-board has big tires that obviously doesn’t mean that it is an all-terrain board as well. Off-Road wheels are normally pneumatic wheels, so these can be inflated as well. Tire pressure and wheel setup are important factors when it comes down to riding comfort and even range. All-terrain wheels will add a lot of riding comfort but also have a decreased top speed and significantly lower range cause its friction and drag.
    In general: bigger wheels have a higher top speed but slower acceleration and less torque. Smaller wheels have lower top speed but quicker acceleration and more torque.
  • Trucks: It is important that the trucks are wide and robust. You want to have good maneuverability but also a stable truck. The trucks are one of the most tricky parts to build right on an off-road electric skateboard. If the manufacturer makes them maneuverable and “turny” the chance that they get speed wobbles at higher speeds is unfortunately increased. But if they make them too stiff you can’t make tight turns. Hence, it will always be a compromise.
  • Motor power: To manage rocky grounds we unquestionably need powerful motors. The more power a motor has, the better the hill climb ability, acceleration, torque and the higher the top speed. If you want to get an electric skateboard which can handle many grounds, you need to take one with powerful motors. Check out my comparison table featuring the best eboards and their hill-climbing abilities.
  • Battery: The battery size and battery quality (yes there are huge differences) is clearly the most crucial factor when it comes to e-skate range, weight, and cost. You want a big battery if you are planning to make trips off the roads. It is not fun to ride on a mountain or forest trail an then being out of battery. Most off roads eboards are pretty heavy and hard to carry, hence we always want to have juice in our battery. The battery is the most expensive part of an electric skateboard. The bigger and the better the battery the more range you get and the more expensive your board will be. It’s also important to distinguish between different battery brands, types, and setups. Battery capacity is usually measured in Watt-hrs. Watt-hrs = volts x amp-hrs. Some eboard companies try to hide the real size of the battery and therefore just display a range or the battery size with ampere-hours or voltage numbers on their website. But I did research and evaluated the Watt-hours (Wh) for every all-terrain eclectic skateboard in my article. If you want to know how long electric skateboard batteries regularly last, check out my article I have written about it.
  • Riders weight: While electric skateboards alone have a tremendous power-to-weight ratio comparable to the fastest Tesla, eboards with the rider on it only produce power-to-weight ratios of a Toyota Prius. The bigger and the heavier a rider is the slower an eboard will be. This means the heavier you are, the less torque, acceleration, hill climbing power and top speed you get. If you are on the heavier side and you want to shred your board off the roads pick one with a lot of power. If you want to know more about why riders weight matters check out my article about it.
  • Remote control (RC): One factor a lot of beginners don’t know is the importance of the design of the remote control (RC). If an RC is poorly designed we will have a hard time to really enjoy our rides. When it comes down to control the acceleration and braking precisely the RC is essential. So make sure to think about the remote control too when buying an all-terrain e-skate.
  • Electric speed controller (ESC) The ESC is the brain and main computational unit in an electric skateboard. It is an electronic part and mechanism that regulates the drive and the speed of the motor. The ESC supplies the motor with the ideal amount of electric power, and controls the acceleration and braking curve. The ESC is an essential part when it comes to how smooth the ride of your off-road eboard is.
  • Customer support: If we purchase products customer support is always important. Even though off-road boards are mostly built like tanks, if we ride off-road the parts will wear off faster and the chance that something brakes is clearly increased. If any part breaks, we have problems with the assembly we will wish we have someone to go to. Customer support can make the difference between being frustrated or happily pleased.


FF PLUS Series:


As the only all-terrain electric skateboard with Replaceable Tire in the world, the FF PLUS can help you to explore unknown roads with its 165mm M6 Hub Motor and super-power torque, bringing unprecedented comfort to your riding.


Maxfind FF PLUS can go from 0 to 20Mph in 5-8 Seconds, giving you the feeling of driving a racing car. The power of M6 Hub Motor can reach to 2400W, and torque reaches to 24Nm, giving greater ground clearance, therefore provide stabler and more comfortable.

The conversion rate of the M6 Hub motor can reach 90%, which ensures the perfect acceleration and longer range.



With the advanced replaceable battery design, the FF PLUS can provide a longer range, which is the best choice for commuting and traveling.

· Standard Range Up to 10Miles / 16Km

· +1(6.0Ah Samsung Battery) Up to 20Miles / 32Km

· +2(6.0Ah Samsung Battery) Up to 30Miles / 48Km



165mm wheel is 85% bigger than the standard power-assisted wheel and is specially designed for difficult riding conditions. The enlarged diameter allows you to ride in large cracks without worrying about cracks and bumps!


Top Speed 23 mph |38 km/h
Range 6.0 Ah 30Q Samsung 11 Miles / 18 Km
+1 (6.0 Ah 30Q Samsung 22 Miles / 36 Km) Save $49
+2 (6.0 Ah 30Q Samsung 33 Miles / 105 Km) Save $98
Battery Size 216 Wh Samsung 30Q Lithium Ion with custom BMS (36V, 6.0Ah)
Motor Power 2 x 1200 Watts
Weight 24 lbs | 11.2 kg
Max weight capacity 220 lbs | 100 kg
Hill climb Up to 35% Grade
Recharge time 180 min
Water Resistance IP65
Wheel / Tyre Size 6.5 inch | 165 mm
Warranty 9 months
Link to Website:
Price $ 999 – Maxfind FF Plus


Real Off-Road Boards: These boards are designed for full off-road riding, but they can comfortably handle asphalt as well.

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