Best Off-Road Electric Skateboards for All Terrain in 2021

Best Off-Road Electric Skateboards for All Terrain in 2021

Best Off-Road Electric Skateboards for All Terrain in 2021
Top Speed: 24 MPH
Range: 10-30 miles
Weight: 24.7 lbs
Motor: 2400W
Wheel Size: 165 mm
Warranty: 9 months

The Maxfind FF Plus is one of the most unique offerings in the off-road electric skateboard space. Apart from its extremely impressive specs at a low price, it boasts itself on having a unique quick-swap battery setup. Fill up your backpack with as many or as few batteries as you want and change then on the go to unlock as much range as you need.

With double kingpin trucks, 98A elastic PU bushings and an extremely flexy fiber-glass composite deck you are in for an awesome riding experience that'll keep you stable at high speeds while maintaining the ability to carve and turn easily.

With its replaceable tire design, you can swap the wheels for 96mm ones or 105mm Cloudwheels (also from Maxfind) if you want to further maximize speed and range on smooth pavements. It's really an all-in-one package that answered to my deepest desires in a versatile board.

The torque and initial acceleration is incredibly good, making it an all-terrain monster capable of climbing steep hills of up to 35%. Apart from that, the Maxfind FF Plus uses a Hobbywing (HW9005) ESC which prides itself on offering super smooth acceleration and braking whereas other cheap boards using YingLi and Wahndt ESCs may suffer from jerky speed adjustments.

I would've liked to see a slightly larger battery option so I don't have to swap batteries so often on the go but at this price point, the FF Plus is almost impossible to beast.

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