Bike Wall Mounted Hook Hanger Rack Bicycle Storage System

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Bike Wall Mounted Hook Hanger Rack Bicycle Storage System

Short on space? Here are some ways of storing your bikes so you’re not always knocking them over in the hallway.

Bikes are awkward things to store. If you don’t have a shed or garage and don’t want to leave your bikes outside in the rain, then you need some way of stashing them in the house. With pedals and handlebars sticking out, just standing them in the hallways is a bad idea; they’ll snag, get knocked over and generally be annoying.

What you need is a rack or stand that’ll hold your bike. If your walls are your own (or you have a tolerant landlord), then you have lots of choices in bike hangers that mount on the wall, ranging from simple hooks to nicely-styled mouldings.

bike rack

ST37 High-carbon steel,a very sturdy's maximum hanging weight up to 60KG.Strong enough for MTB road bike, folding bike,kids bike etc.

  • Load 60kg with walls strong enough
  • Very stable wall rack.
  • Design to be easily mounted on wall for bike storage.
  • Material with high strength and hardness, high elastic limit and fatigue limit.

Professional outdoor sports equipment,high quality,free shipping!


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