Kevin Lee - Jan 01 2022


After many-year feedback collecting and market researching, Maxfind brought FF-Belt to the market at the end of 2021. Ben, CEO of Maxfind, and his design team has spent more than one year on it, from umpteenth-time design, refine and test. The FF-Belt is the highest performance one among our boards, it is totally different from FF-Street, even though many people found them looks similar. 

BoardsMaxfind FF-BeltMaxfind FF-Street
Range25 Miles / 40 Km↑21 Miles / 35 Km
Speed28 Mph / 45 Kph↑25 Mph / 40 Kph
Hill Climbing35%↑30%
Motor Power1500W*2↑750W*2
Motor Torque7 N.m*2↑5 N.m*2
BatterySAMSUNG 12S3P, 8.7Ah, 376Wh, 48V LG 10S2P, 6.4Ah, 230Wh, 36V
EscHOBBYWING-9028 (One-Button On/Off)HOBBYWING 9005
Wheels105 mm / 4.1 Inch (Shock-Absorbing Wheels)96 mm / 3.8 Inch

Maxfind has fully upgraded the trucks of FF series, the upgraded trucks is with higher quality and provide sensitive steering! (FF series included FF-Street, FF Plus and FF-Belt)

1. The previous two-axle truck was upgraded to a single-axle truck, which is hard and more resistant to crashes.
2. The overall truck is thickened to improve the hardness to avoid the truck impact and breakage caused during driving.
3. The top of the truck adopts fuel injection design, which greatly reduces the friction of steering and makes steering more flexible.
4. At present, our Maxfind double-kingpin truck can use belt motors to adjust the tightness, which is impossible for many competitors.

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