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Electric Skateboard on Christmas Sale - Best Christmas Gifts for Your Family

The Christmas Sale is coming! With Christmas approaching, now is the ideal time to choose Christmas gifts for loved ones. Looking for something for your family? Finding Christmas gifts can be tricky, as the trend is constantly changing, and sometimes it is not easy to find something that is cool enough for them. 

If your family are into outdoor activities, especially if they enjoy skating or they need to be motivated to get outside, electric skateboard will make a good gift. Electric skateboards are still a new phenomenon that appears along with the development of technology. It looks cool on the street and is fun and exciting. Even if the teens are not outdoor enthusiasts, electric skateboards can still be a good gift and may encourage them to do more activities.

For Beginner: MAX ONE and MAX2 PRO

MAX ONE: This surf inspired swallow tail cruiser is a pocket rocket you can take to the corner store, campus, workplace or if you just want to get out of the house for some good old fashion cruising and carving.

MAX2 PRO: Designed for students and teens, the Maxfind MAX2 PRO has great range and speed for those looking for a campus and short commute. And the Maxfind MAX2 PRO is good value for money. For this reason, others will love this board, not just students.

For Pro: FF BELT and FF AT

FF BELT: The FF BELT is your dream high-performance electric skateboard with attention to detail in every turn, light and integrated form factor is an ultra-performance, comfortable, long range electric skateboard! Enjoy a maximum speed of 45 km/h and a maximum range of 40km. A thrilling yet safe ride to give you the ultimate cruising experience!

FF AT: The newly updated FF AT is the most pioneering off-road electric skateboard in the US. With faster speed, longer range, smarter and more powerful gear, it provides long-distance riding and good passability on all kinds of terrains. We blend design inspiration with the latest technology to give riders the ultimate riding experience. 

Benefits of electric skateboard?

1) Good for Commute
The most popular use for electric skateboards is for daily commutes. It's convenient and time-saving, makes commuting easy and fun, and also looks cooler than other electric vehicles. Instead of cramping on the bus or struggling to find the parking lot.

 2) Getting Fit
Riding an electric skateboard is a good excise, which can help people practice their balancing skills and flexibility and even burn calories. Standing on a skateboard for an hour will often result in 100 calorie loss since maintaining balance will keep the rider's body active.

 3) Having Fun
Skateboarding is a fun sport. Riding an electric skateboard can bring enough joy and excitement to riders without putting them in a very precarious situation

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