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The best Commuting long range electric scooter

There is a problem known as the last mile problem. It is the idea that the last mile of any journey in a city is a problem. We feel that electric scooters and electric skateboards can help to alleviate that issue. Which one though is the best for you to use?

Commonalities between an electric scooter and electric skateboard:
Fun to ride with
Practical commuter

If you look at them from the perspective of an urban commuter, both e-boards and e-scooters make excellent micro-mobility devices. Despite these similarities, there is a significant difference between electric scooters and boards.

Which one should you get: an electric scooter or an electric skateboard? Read on to find out what is your best option.


At first glance, you might think that electric skateboards would probably come with a less expensive price tag. But the reality is that both electric skateboards and electric scooters cost almost the same.

Prices for both electric rides tend to start really cheap at about the $300 mark but can go past $2,000 to $3,000 for some of the higher-spec models. A good rule of thumb is that, generally, the higher the specs, the heftier the price. Fortunately, it’s easy to find high-performing choices for both electric rides at a mid-range price.


Electric scooters are generally much safer than electric skateboards.

It’s pretty straightforward. They have wheels that perform better at speed, better brakes, and offer much more stability because they have handlebars.

Wider tires offer a better grip on the road, especially when you’re moving fast. Scooter riders also benefit greatly from the stability gained from holding on to a sturdy stem and handlebars.

But what really sets apart the safety standards of these two micro-mobility devices is the braking systems they deploy.

Electric scooters have bigger tires and a much stronger brake system than electric skateboards.

Electric scooters usually have lever-activated brakes. E-board brakes, on the other hand, are controlled by handheld remotes. Pushing the control wheel backward is usually the way to apply the brakes on an electric longboard.

What’s more, e-boards usually rely on regenerative motor brakes alone, whereas e-scooters tend to feature mechanical brakes as well. Having more than one braking system on board is an excellent safety measure by most riders’ standards.

If you’re looking for a safer ride, then an electric scooter is the better choice.

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