Electric Skateboards Maintenance Notice

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Electric Skateboards Maintenance Notice

Keep the Maxfindboards battery full and put it in a dry place. Make sure the battery is charged or charged every few months, because the battery will self-discharge current over time, which is an important point in extending battery life.

The charger will automatically power off after being charged, so if you play skateboard regularly, it's okay to unplug the charger immediately after being charged. It should also be noted that incomplete power consumption can prolong battery life, so it is best to stop using when the remote reminds you of low power consumption, and our skateboards can be turned into ordinary skateboards when power is stopped.Again, recharge the skateboard at regular intervals, especially during periods of infrequent use, or it will damage battery life.

In addition, please remember to pay attention to the power of the wireless remote control constantly.


  • Kai Leivers

    After having my skatboard for a week or 2 one of the of the rear motors cords of my Ff at had began rubbing and had rubbed through the cord so now one of my motors doesn’t work

  • Brennan Greene

    My brand new maxfind belt FF started making a noise, I noticed there has been contact between the belt and the wheel only on one side, I tried swapping the wheels, swapping the belts, and even changing the tension, but it still makes noise and generates heat on that one side. That motor even makes a slight noise. I’ve only rode the board 4 times. What should I do?

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