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The best Commuting long range electric scooter

Sure you can rent a Bird or Lime, but why not buy one of the best electric scooters available? Owning your own electric scooter means you don't have to worry about finding one on the street - plus, many major cities don't have scooter rentals yet, so buying one may be your only option.

What's more, you have more options when it comes to the best electric scooters. They range in price from under $150 for a kid's scooter to $2,000 for a high-end scooter that can whip you around at 35 miles per hour. But because there are so many electric scooters on the market, it's hard to know which one is the best.

We've tested this top model to pick out the best electric scooters for you. If you're looking for the best electric scooter for adults, be sure to check out what we have to offer. 

What is the Best Dual Motor Electric Scooter?

After testing the Maxfind Glider G5, we think it's the best electric scooter on the market today. The scooter has motors on each wheel, which allows it to cruise uphill better than the other models we tested. the G5 has a large, bright display, easy-to-use controls, three brake modes, and bright head and tail lights and turn signals. It also has a slick design that's sure to turn heads, and you can even opt for the long-range version, as it features an original quick-change battery design. However, the Maxfind Glider G5 is priced at $899, and while you can also find it for less, the quality and performance of the scooter depends on the value.

If you need a scooter that can go the distance, the Maxfind Glider G5 is also your best choice. Although it weighs more than 40 pounds - heavier than most models - its battery lasts 30 miles on a charge, twice as long as many other scooters. Plus, it has enough power to get you up fairly steep hills and features a quick-change battery design, depending on how far you want to reach, you can carry as many batteries as you want.


Former GM designer Professor FRED led the design of Glider G5 series, clean and sharp beautiful lines, ergonomic design, comfortable control experience, every detail of the design, so that the Glider series from the stunning.

- U-shaped Handleber
- Inflatable AT Wheel
- Widened Large Pedal
- 75° Slope Design

Dual Motor (750W*2)

Drive? Take the bus? The subway? Get there sooner, avoid the crowds, and have fun doing it. With an enormous 25 Mph top speed, the Glider G5 PRO can get you wherever you want to go faster than ever.

Glider G5 PRO is equipped with 750W*2 dual motors, outputting double the power. Intelligent dynamic distribution of front and rear wheel traction makes the control more surprisingly fast.

- 25 Mph Top Speed
- 35% Hill Climbing
- 85% Efficiency
- 16N.m*2 High Torque
- 750*2 High Power


Glider G5 series use Samsung power battery, custom waterproof and crashproof lightweight convenient battery pack, 12S3P 48V high voltage brings more performance.

- 19 Miles Top Range (Long Range Version 36 Miles)
- 3 Hours With 51V Fast Charger
- 800+ Charge and Release

Fast-Swap Battery

The Glider G5 series battery pack can be removed in seconds, and you can carry multiple batteries to replace and start a new journey.

1. Open the rotary
2. Battery Replacement
3. Locking Switch


Use your thumb to scroll to stop and go. Its intuitive design means there's virtually no learning curve. Ride confidently at any time of the night, while the rear brake light and turn signals make sure they know you're slowing down & turning.

- Hall Throttle
- Spot LED Headlights
- U-shaped Turn Signal
- All in One App


The Glider G5 series provides an unparalleled smooth riding experience through deeply optimized acceleration and braking algorithm control, can be continuously optimized through OTA remote upgrades, and is equipped with an automotive grade kinetic energy recovery system for a longer range.

- 3 Riding Modes
- Dual Drive FOC ESC
- Comfortable Riding


The Glider G5 series combines lightness and strength through a new triangular frame design, the application of aircraft-grade aluminum alloy materials and an innovative joining production process.

- 3 Types of Braking (E-ABS, Ventilated Disc, Fender Tail)
- Sturdy Frame
- Aviation Aluminum Alloy

Buy a High Performance Glider G5 Electric Scooter at the Best Price.

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