Go Skateboarding Day!

Go Skateboarding Day!

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Skateboarding is not for the sake of being dazzling, not for being cool, but for an account of oneself, an account of his passionate hobby. It is meaningful that we want to skateboard because we like skateboarding.

Skateboarding is also a way to exercise, challenge yourself, and yearn for freedom, and test yourself well.

Put down the things at hand, walk out of the classroom, and walk out of the studio. All you have to do today is step on your skateboard to the streets and enjoy the fun of the day with your skateboarding partners. This day is only a skateboard, let everyone enjoy it! Bring your skateboard and bring your camera, we just skate for free skateboarding!

If you are a loyal skateboarder, then on this day, step on your skateboard to celebrate World Skateboard Day!

We hope that skateboarding will be more widely popularized and supported. I hope more people will understand and accept skateboarding, and let more friends join the skateboarding.



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