Cici July,18th 2022

How much does an electric skateboard cost?

Personal micro mobility vehicles are becoming a viral trend these days, and people are shifting from regular skateboards to electric skateboards as they are much more fun. E-skateboards are super-compact, and portable but the price is a major concern for most people when buying an electric skateboard. Many of us are wondering how much does an electric skateboard cost?

An electric skateboard can cost from about $200 to several thousand dollars. However, the price varies between models, and it’s often determined by various factors, including the brand, building parts (motor, deck, trucks, wheels) used, battery size,etc.

ModelTypeOriginal Price
MAX ONEShortboard & Hub Motor Drive$349
MAX2 PROShortboard & Hub Motor Drive$499/$599/$699
MAX4 PROLongboard & Hub Motor Drive$649
FF-STREETLongboard & Hub Motor Drive$899
FF BELT Longboard & Belt Drive$999
FF PLUS Longboard & Hub Motor Drive$999
FF ATLongboard & Hub Motor Drive$1299
M5 DRIVE KITDIY KIT & Hub Motor Drive$599

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