Hub Motors or Belt Motors?

If you are about to purchase an electric skateboard and you made it here then I must say, this sport is insanely fun but comes with some hard decisions when purchasing. So let’s break down some facts between hub motor and belt motor when it comes to buying one. 

Belt Motors 
Before we go into the BATTLE, let’s talk about the basics of these two drive systems at a simplistic level. Belt-driven boards have been around for some time now so let’s start there. Belt-driven boards are propelled by a gear system. The motor is connected to a drive pulley (gear). This gear is attached to a belt that is connected to the wheel pulley (gear) on the wheels of your skateboard. When you hit the accelerator on your remote, power is pulled from your battery into your ESC (electronic speed controller) and into your motors. When your motor turns, the belt spins and in turn propels your wheels.

Hub Motors
Hub motors have not been around as long, but are proving to be very popular in the e-skate world. With a hub motor, all components are located inside the wheel. It is basically a motor, with a skateboard sleeve wrapped around it. When the accelerator is hit, the whole entire wheel assembly is triggered to spin, Instead of a motor turning a gear, turning a belt and wheel, The motor and wheel are spinning as 1 unit with a 1 to 1 ratio. 1 spin of the motor = 1 spin of the wheel.                                                                                                                                                         (Maxfind, focused on hub motor electric skateboard and its innovation,has released the first hub motor electric skateboard in the world)

The belt-driven boards absolutely have better acceleration. Maybe you prefer a smoother, steadier acceleration so you don’t get thrown from the board. It was clear that the belt-driven board had a faster acceleration, but that does not necessarily mean that it is better. Belt-driven boards will have better acceleration due to the gearing systems. It’s always fun to hit that top speed as fast as you can, but that also does make the board a bit more dangerous. There is always that possibility of having your board in sport mode and not being braced when hit that accelerator. Falls happen, so make sure you are always wearing your protective gear! When it comes to this category you will have to decide what you are looking for a broad!

What’s more, the skateboard adopts innovative glue filling technology on ESC and rapidly removable and waterproof ring structure on hub motor. While the integrated board with three-layer waterproof packaging greatly increased the waterproof rating to IP65, helping the riders ride without fearing of rain.    

Belt-driven boards are much louder than hub-driven. There is no getting around that. The fact that the belts and motors are on the exterior of the board on belt-driven boards does increase the weight and overall size of the board. Both boards will have computers and batteries attached to the deck, so it will be clear that they are electric skateboards. But, the hub boards will be quieter, lighter, and a bit sleeker in design. I do enjoy the sound of my belt-driven board, it allows people to know that I am approaching. I also just think the sound of the motor and belts winding up is badass. 

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