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Maxfind About bearing

Regarding bearings, many people will think that only a brushed street needs to buy a good bearing, which will save effort. I personally think that the bigger and softer soft are more important in terms of brushing the street, but good bearings can really make your speed slide faster and last longer.

In fact, compared to brushing the street, good bearings have a greater impact on Manuel and the platform. It can make your speed and balance better control and smoother.

Today I will talk to you about the skateboard bearings from the following seven aspects.

The basic composition of the bearing

First of all, let's look at the basic components of the bearing. Don't look at the bearing so small, it is also precision equipment.

Let’s see it together.


1. Dust cover; 2. Inner shaft steel ring; 3. Ball; 4 cages; 5. Outer steel ring (from left to right)


Bearing hardness

Some brand bearings will mark the brand name on the dust cover to show anti-counterfeiting!
At the same time, some bearings will also mark ABEC-7, ABEC -9 What does this mean? The four letters of the previous ABEC are simply an “organization” that explains the bearing specification standards. The full name of the organization is the Circular Bearing Engineering Committee (ABEC). The popular understanding is the “party organization” of the bearing.

What does the number behind the bearing mean?
Some of the bearing standards recognized by the party organization of the bearing are only ABEC1, ABEC3, ABEC5.ABEC7, and ABEC9. Of course, there are also higher specifications, which are higher-specific bearings produced under these bearing standards, and the meaning is also easy to understand - the larger the value, the higher the accuracy of the corresponding bearing, and the higher the rotational speed of the bearing. Thus (the individual thinks) the more money you spend.

Interested people can look carefully at how many bearings they have. Generally, even if there are no bearings, they are basically in the four grades of 3, 5, 7, and 9, because the four grades of bearings are skateboard bearings. Mainstream specifications.

The difference between industrial bearings and skateboard bearings

When it comes to the children's shoes that are bearing skateboards, they will think of industrial bearings. The reason is also very simple and cheap.

But what society tells us is that there are no cheap goods. In fact, according to my personal point of view, this industrial bearing is indeed called a bearing... However, let us change something to give an example - alcohol, industrial alcohol, And medical alcohol if the two are mixed and used, it is estimated that China's population will be at least one-third less. The same is true for bearings. The reason why industrial bearings are called industrial bearings is that the scenes used are different from the literal point of view. Skateboard bearings are practiced in peacetime, and they must also ensure the vibration resistance and anti-fall of each movement while taking care of daily sliding. The environment is more different than the industrial bearing environment.
Of course, if you force to change the industrial bearing skateboard is not impossible, but the frequent explosion axis, it is not fun.


What is the explosion axis?

One of the situations is to play with it, the small balls inside the bearing (because the wear is getting smaller and get out of the cage) spilled over the ground, then you will sprinkle a place...
By the way, there is another situation in the explosion axis. As the name implies, the bearing is blasted... Any situation in which the bearing is damaged and cannot be used normally can be called a "explosion axis"...


Ceramics are superior to steel bearings.

They reduce the rolling resistance of the wheel and, therefore, improve the accuracy of the interior of the car and make the wheels roll faster.
Compared to steel balls, ceramic balls are lighter and have at least a three-fold increase in rolling performance. In addition, Bones also provides gaskets between the two bearings.
This is intended to keep the bearings parallel and stable.


The brand history of skateboard bearings

Speaking of skateboard bearings, I have to say some classic skateboard bearing brands.

Bones bearing

With more than 34 years of bearing design and manufacturing life, this has to be said that it is a big bang, bones bearing development to date, is one of the best-selling skateboard bearings in the United States, with unique rubber protection, easy to clean the bearings , reducing bearing friction, high-speed nylon support provides greater speed to the bearing.


Enjoi Bearing

The cute panda and some festive expressions are the unique logo of Enjoy. The bearing is no exception. It adopts ABEC-7 standard, adopts 8mm core bearing, outer diameter 22mm and 7mm width, simple The understanding is that it is more generous and can provide the best performance and durability for the skateboard bearing from this stable mid-standard design. At present, the bearing contains 10 bearings, which is really worth noting.

Girl bearing

Girl bearing a unique girl (some people call her a female toilet, I am also very drunk), the design method and bearing technology is basically the same as the Enjoy bearing. In the skateboarding world, Girl's board is also known as a bearing.


Pig bearing

This bearing is amazing, like its brand name, pig. The pig heads of various colors are more cute, but these pig heads are somewhat particular. Pig's bearings are from the bearing standards of the three categories ABEC3-9 mentioned above, which are more cool and start-up. It is a color bearing, and the pig's head is also a very arbitrarily colored enamel. In fact, I prefer the box for this brand, and also comes with four sleeves to ensure the stability of the four wheels.


Spitfire bearing

Some people in this brand will think of the wheel, but to know the famous brand of the wheel, the bearing produced will not be worse~~~ There are eight bearings in each box of bearing packaging, the standard is generally in ABEC 3, inheriting 8mm core These basic specifications guarantee high-speed lubrication and long-lasting endurance.

BD bearing

One of the products under the Spanish skateboard brand is also one of the main bearings of the major Taobao stores. The quality is considered to be in the middle of the price. There are a variety of bearings available under the balance of money and good quality. Silver, gold, and ceramic models, there is always a one for you, your choice is not superfluous. Some people will also ask me what is the difference between silver and gold? What I want to say is the face value, which looks like the same price. Of course, the local tyrants directly ceramic!

Domestic bearing

Said so many international big names, look at the domestic brand, gravitation skateboard as a rising star of domestic skateboard, its Sparkle barrel shaft and boxed shaft are good cost-effective choice, simple packaging, fair price is the introduction of the assembly board Bearings are highly recommended!

Bearing maintenance and replacement issues

It is oiling and cleaning. For the oil on the bearing, I have to say that it is not to apply kerosene (oil). This oil is best not to be added, because the oil can also play a role in lubrication, but it is easy to get ash and oil. After playing for a while, you will find that the dust cover of your bearing is covered with a layer of dark things. If there is no dust cover, congratulations, your bearing will soon say goodbye. Dust enters the inside of the bearing, which will greatly reduce the experience of sliding, and will also wear the ball and increase the chance of the explosion.
Therefore, you can consider the special WD-40 universal descaling lubricant for oiling. This is a good thing to ensure that your bearings can be rotated like new ones.
Another point that needs to be particularly popular is that each set of bearings (8) is the bearing of each individual package. Why are these 8 bearings placed in a box for a reason? The rotational speed, friction coefficient and material of these 8 bearings And the level of crafts are similar, in order to ensure the maximum performance of each set of bearings, so put together.
To put it another way, when your bearing bursts, it is best to replace the remaining bearings, because the parameters just mentioned have changed. If there are conditions, buy another box and replace it. The bearings are put together, and the same brand of bearing is mixed with different packaging, which will also affect the sliding experience. In severe cases, the deviation will occur (the skateboard cannot slide a relatively straight line when it is running).


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