29th, Nov, 2022

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MAXFIND FF BELT: Test, Opinion and Presentation of the Electric Skateboard

The beauty of an electric skateboard is that it is suitable for both beginners and professionals. It is easy to learn, easy to drive and functional over time.

The designed-to-be-better MAXFIND FF BELT combines all of these features and delivers a super-comfortable riding experience. MAXFIND has now focused on polishing its boards rather than the value for money it prioritized. Discover our test and opinion on the MAXFIND FF BELT.


Designed in a sleek design, the MAXFIND FF BELT has several parts that make it the high performance skateboard of its generation. It is a super soft composite deck, shock-absorbing wheels, thickened shock-absorbing non-slip pads, etc.

A super soft composite deck

The deck of the MAXFIND FF BELT is made of PPS fiberglass composite material. These elements favor its elasticity and make it stable. Fiberglass is a material with excellent chemical resistance. In addition, it is resistant to hydrolysis as well as hot steam and high energy radiation.

Ses propriétés de glissement et sa grande rigidité permettent aussi aux utilisateurs de bénéficier d’une expérience de conduite plus que confortable. Par ailleurs, la maille et le couvre-pied facilitent la conduite de la planche tout en la rendant stable. Lorsqu’on tient compte de sa largeur et sa concave, on déduit que la MAXFIND FF BELT est conçue de sorte qu’on puisse y placer confortablement ses pieds.

Thickened shock-absorbing non-slip pads

The non-slip pads are designed to lessen slipping for MAXFIND FF BELT users. Also, they have a fastening system to keep them in place. These are particularly effective in the absorption of water.

105mm shock absorbing wheels

The 105 mm wheels fitted to the MAXFIND FF BELT ensure stability and comfort for its users. They allow you to move freely and safely in the streets and alleys with the MAXFIND FF BELT. No need to fear complicated road conditions such as cobblestones.

Double Kingpin Truck

To provide users with a highly flexible carving experience, the MAXFIND FF BELT has been fitted with a dual kingpin truck. This truck is made of European standard AISIMg5 special material for high speed rail.

The aesthetic side

The other brands are content with one of ready-to-use parts on which they affix a logo to call it a new product, the MAXFIND FF BELT is more original. The composite deck of the MAXFIND FF BELT is made of fiberglass and polyphenylene sulphide, which justifies its more modern and refined atmosphere compared to other skateboards of its generation.

Additionally, an integrated electronics compartment is accessible from the top of the MAXFIND FF BELT. Hot batteries can therefore easily be integrated. This notably gives it a pleasing unibody look to the electric skateboard.


In terms of power and autonomy, the new generation B1 belt motors, the Samsung battery as well as the intelligent brake of the MAXFIND FF BELT differentiates it from skateboards of its generation.

An exclusive 3000 W belt motor

The MAXFIND FF BELT has a pair of 1500W motors, which is equivalent to a very high power motor, which is 3000W of power. Combined with the latest hobbywing 12s ESC, we deliver it to you with an upgrade. smart powered. This gives it a top speed of 28 mph or 45 km/h, enough to easily handle complex road conditions.

A 48V Samsung 12S3P battery

The MAXFIND FF BELT battery is equipped with the EABS kinetic energy recovery system. This gives it a capacity of 376 W at high voltage as well as a marketed range of 25,000 or 40 km. The capacity of this battery is significantly higher than that of previous generation skateboard or skateboard batteries.

A safe brake with intelligence

The new generation of Hobbywing-9028sc adopted by the MAXFIND FF BELT offers 4 speed modes. This allows you to switch at will and in complete safety. It enables very smooth acceleration and braking performance and

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