Kevin Oct, 20th 2022

Micro mobility, Go with Maxfind G5 PRO

About Micro Mobility

Micromobility refers to Micromobility refers to a range of small, lightweight vehicles operating at speeds typically below 25 km/h (15 mph) and driven by users personally (unlike rickshaws). Micromobility devices include bicycles, e-bikes, electric scooters, electric skateboards, shared bicycle fleets, and electric pedal assisted bicycles.

 "Micro-travel" is aimed at short-distance travel and is a supplement to traditional public transportation. It aims to use the least public resources, more efficient environmental protection concepts, and more advanced new energy technologies to promote the ecological transformation of urban transportation.

1. Urban shuttling

Turn on the G5 Pro, shuttle through urban streets, explore different alleys, and find the beauty in life.

2. Go for Adventure

Date with your partner, embrace the expansive sea, listen to silent forest, or feel the change of seasons.

3. Couple Driving 

Bring with G5 PRO, stop where you want,and start a immersive travel.

About Micro Mobility

1.Powerful Motors, No Afraid of Hills

Maxfind G5 Pro is packed with two powerful high-efficiency 1500W motors deliver thrilling acceleration and a top speed of 40km/h, top uphill of 35%. 

2.Enlarged Wheels, Say Goodbye to Bump

The quadruple spring suspension and 10 inch pneumatic tires make for a smooth ride even on rough road conditions.

3.Unlimited Range, Travel with No Worries 

The Maxfind G5 Pro relies on Samsung cells. Its 376Wh (48V 8.7AH) offers a range of 30km. And the fast-swap battery design gives the rider freedom to replace the battery and get unlimited range.

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