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    I've been a rider with Maxfind Skateboards for 950+miles now. I have tried various Eboards in the past and even now. I still choose MaxFind everyday. I have put my board through many test and honestly through hell. It has surprised me drastically everyday that I ride. I used to ride 40+ miles a day living on the beach but now I work so much that I try ride as much as I can. Even call off to ride with the boys.     Even after all this time, the board still hauls ass and puts a smile...

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Chance to WIN a MAXFIND FF-street Electric Skateboard and Cloud Wheels! Who can join?Anyone who owns a MAXFIND electric skateboard or ready to purchase MAXFIND's board.How to join?Record a video review, a road trip, or a group ride, etc., and then upload your video on YouTube, Instagram, or other social media. the title needs to start with “ MAXFIND + something else ” and tag “MAXFIND”1. Share your riding experience about MAXFIND boards.2. Share the pros of your board.When will this competition start and end?It starts on March 18, 2021, and the submission deadline is April 15, 2021. How many...

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Simply put, humanity is living in the golden age of riding technology, and we love it. In fact, there are almost too many rideables to keep track of, and the gear seems to get crazier and more advanced with each passing month. So, to help you navigate the increasingly crowded marketplace, we’ve worked something out . Looking at criteria like durability, performance,battery life, ease of use, and price, the MAXFIND FF-STREET is our top pick because it boasts comfort,performance,control,making for the ultimate ride. For the best of many worlds, there’s simply no better bet than the MAXFIND FF-STREET Deck The...

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This Do-It-Yourself kit is the cheapest among the Kits. Additionally the dual 750 hub motors, a speed maximum of 26 miles per hour, and a 158 Wh battery capable of delivering the device to a range of 15 miles, the performance is well worth the cost. It weighs in at 14 pounds, but this can vary based on the specifics of the deck. It also may be worth mentioning that this kit comes with an extended warranty of nine months, which is higher than some other kits and boards can offer. Commuters and long-range travelers might be interested in the additional battery packs, which can be pretty easily swapped out on-the-go to extend the range of your built device.

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