The best electric skateboard for commuters: MAXFIND MAX4 PRO

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The best electric skateboard for commuters: MAXFIND MAX4 PRO

Why you should buy this electric skateboard: It’s maneuverable, portable, and ideal for urban environments.


Who it’s for: Anyone looking to use their board as a reliable and comfortable means of transportation.


Why we chose the MAXFIND MAX4 PRO:

MAXFIND makes some of the best electric long boards in the biz, and the MAX4 PRO is no exception. Our favorite? The first one will be the design. Some influencers, who have reviewed many brands’ boards, will say that the MAX4 PRO is with a nice design during their first glance. The second would be the hot-swappable battery design, which can make you travel longer. The third one would be the replaceable tire.

What''s more?

Maxfind Max4 Pro is a city-commute electric longboard with long range and extraordinary performance, 750W*2 high torque motors, supplied by Hobbywing, with incredible power whilst accelerating and climbings. which helps you fly through the city in rush hours without worry.

- 25 mph / 40 kph Top Speed

- 750*2 Watts High Torque Motors

- 30% Top Climbing


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