Kevin Lee - Jan 10 2022


The Best Beginner Electric Skateboard For Both Newbies And College Riders

When purchasing a beginner electric skateboard, you really can’t get anything better than the Maxfind Max One. It has some really stunning features, and while it could be used to work in certain areas. For entry-level skaters, the Maxfind One is a great place to start if one wants to roam around in style. Also, this beginner electric skateboard is affordable for college riders who like to bring their boards along to take shorter, more frequent rides and travel from place-to-place on campus. 

We are delighted to introduce our new arrival - Maxfind Max One to the market. Firstly, we thank you for all the customers’ support in purchasing our products in the past 6 years. The Maxfind One is a beginner electric skateboard with excellent features that will be fit for junior level skaters. 

Why we design and manufacture the Maxfind Max One? 

Ben, the founder of Maxfind, said: “I wanted to design a beginner electric skateboard with cool looking, nice quality and best value, which will help beginners to learn electric skateboard and fall in love with this portable and fun commuting device." Now, Maxfind Max One comes! Moreover, this sensational beginner electric skateboard is made for college students who want to take a breezy tour around their campus. 

Why customers choose the Maxfind Max One?

  • Soft Acceleration Curve and Good Brake. Maxfind Max One adopts advanced ESC with soft acceleration curve and good brakes to give new skaters safe riding. It’s the safest electric skateboard for college riders who want to get around their campus.
  • Not too Fast. Most higher-end electric skateboards give you the ability to travel upwards of 30 miles per hour. This is not necessary for a new skater. The top speed of Maxfind One is 15 miles per hour,which is plenty enough speed for a new skater to have an amazing ride as well as be safe.
  • Built on the foundation of the traditional skateboard anti-skid pad material, this beginner electric skateboard has enhanced its safety by adding a special PEA material, which is super soft. Not only does it ensure the emery is wear-resistant and non-slip, it also effectively prevents riders from bruising their skin and scratching their clothes.
  • Low Weight and Portable. The most amazing fact about this beginner electric skateboard is the ultra-weight feature, weighing only 4.6kg. That is an incredible 10.1lbs. beginner electric skateboard for college kids. 
  • Perfect birthday gift for your kids!

Buy A Beginner Electric Skateboard At The Best price

If you are interested in buying the Max One electric skateboard, be sure to check out our affiliate discount link here and uses code: “FLASHSALE” to receive $20 off during check out. It will help you get a small monetary discount and helps us out too. On top of that, you’ll be tagged as an Maxfind exclusive member and probably be treated better. Cheers!

Known as a top-tier beginner electric skateboard in the industry, Maxfind Max One guarantees the highest safety and portability to accommodate energetic children who spend much more time on outdoor activities than indoors. Apart from being the best playmate for children, this electric skateboard works best for college students who are into the combination of action sports and travel. 

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