The Best Electric Skateboards in 2021| Researched and Tested

The Best Electric Skateboards in 2021| Researched and Tested

Easy swappable battery for extended range
On the heavier and cumbersome side
Wheels can handle less-than-perfect terrain
Larger battery options
Multiple wheel options


The Maxfind FF is a fantastic electric skateboard that floats between being a commuter eboard/ longboard, a carving machine and a long-range weekender to take adventures on.

The interchangeable wheel options give you the ability to flick between the two effortlessly.

During the week, you’ll want a super comfortable ride on your way to work or school, so put on a set of the Cloudwheels

When the weekend rolls around you can swap the wheels over to the streets for a high-speed ride or a cruising carve session.

Or, you could keep the Cloudwheels on, pack an extra battery in your backpack, and head out of an all-day eskate adventure.

If you want to do a little more off-road riding, then the Maxfind FF Plus is your answer. It’s the exact same board except for the motors and wheels. It’s equipped with a set of integrated All-terrain motors and is absolutely wicked.

You can tackle almost any kind of terrain with these wheels and they offer the most comfortable ride out of any of the wheel options.

The carbon fibre deck is compliant, meaning, it responds precisely to your feet movements. This means you’ll always feel in control of the board.

This paired with the Double kingpin trucks gives it that amazing carving feeling like you’re out on the snow or catching a wave.

The 750W hub motors are some of the most powerful hubs I’ve seen on any electric skateboard and the acceleration gets you from a standstill to top speed in no time.

One small feature that is easily overlooked is the integrated handle. It is at the nose of the board so you can pick up one end and roll it along next to you.

In my opinion, I think this is better than the handles cut out of the side of the deck because they can often affect the deck’s structural integrity and you also have to carry the board which are usually quite heavy.

Overall, the Maxfind FF series has a setup to suit any rider and it is sure to impress you. You can check it out here.


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