May.27th 2022

The Best Off Road and All-Terrain Electric Skateboard in 2022

Today, we are looking at the Maxfind FF AT, it’s the new version of AT. They have FF PLUS before. It is a little bit confusing, but will put it clear in the description.

Almost all Maxfind boards are reviewed on my channel over the past two or three years.They do keep better and better.

 The first improvement and upgrade of the FF AT is the deck. Less little flexy than the first bulk of FF PLUS (In the next bulk, the FF PLUS deck also been upgraded), the deck is enough flexy to be comfortable.

Second, the motors. When riding uphill, the third mode is enough and not struggling at all.

Third improvement is the battery compartment,they have made the battery compartment larger and use bigger battery ( 8.7 AH)

The fourth is the remote. the FF AT use a new shape remote, same function as the former remote, but this one is a nice shape to rest your finger.

If you want to learn more about the FF AT, please check the below review

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