What Does The MAX4 PRO Customer Say About His Riding?

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What Does The MAX4 PRO Customer Say About His Riding?

    I've been a rider with Maxfind Skateboards for 950+miles now. I have tried various Eboards in the past and even now. I still choose MaxFind everyday. I have put my board through many test and honestly through hell. It has surprised me drastically everyday that I ride. I used to ride 40+ miles a day living on the beach but now I work so much that I try ride as much as I can. Even call off to ride with the boys.
    Even after all this time, the board still hauls ass and puts a smile on my face from the moment I step on to the minute I step off.
    I think the fastest I have had it with the help of no wind resistance is 27mph. I'm always in mode 4 so range is lower as it should be but we still get 10+ miles. In mode 2-3 with fluctuation it's much more range.
    If you are to choose a board, ride with MaxFind. I have never met a dissatisfied MaxFind rider.
    I'm definitely keeping this board for the rest of my life.
Isaiah Caldwell

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