What is the Best Electric Skateboard for Traveling in 2021?

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What is the Best Electric Skateboard for Traveling in 2021?

Simply put, humanity is living in the golden age of riding technology, and we love it. In fact, there are almost too many rideables to keep track of, and the gear seems to get crazier and more advanced with each passing month. So, to help you navigate the increasingly crowded marketplace, we’ve worked something out .

Looking at criteria like durability, performance,battery life, ease of use, and price, the MAXFIND FF-STREET is our top pick because it boasts comfort,performance,control,making for the ultimate ride.

maxfind ff electric skateboard

For the best of many worlds, there’s simply no better bet than the MAXFIND FF-STREET


The MAXFIND FF-STREET is equipped with super flex composite deck which greatly reduces the vibration caused by uneven roads, and keeps super stability at high speed, therefore provides comfortable long-haul riding across multiple terrain types.

Motor sets

The FF-STREET can bring you to go from a steep 30% grade onto a flat city street , feeling sturdy and natural. This is also thanks in part to Hobbywing's hub motor sets, which feature rigorous Double Kingpin CNC Truck and 98A Elastic PU Bushing for bigger push and pull when you need it.

Speed and Range

The FF-street can hit top speeds of 25mph.Battery life is pretty strong here, too. The board can go for about 17 miles on a full charge and only takes a little over an hour to re-juice. The most important is, the battery is hot swap! You can order extra batteries to get longer range according to your own range needs.

Shop Now: https://www.maxfindboards.com/

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