What makes electric skateboard so different?

What makes electric skateboard so different?

What makes electric skateboard so different?

max b board displayed on the chair

I don't know electric skateboard at all, before I joining Maxfind. My impression of skateboard was something kids play. I was always finding someone in Shenzhen, then I  saw a prototype of Max A electric skateboard in the first time and decided to have a try. Electric skateboard changes my life, and I think I have found the thing I was finding before.

So what makes electric skateboard so different?

Physically, it is skateboard with electronic parts like battery, motors and control board. Most of them are longboards, they look simmer to an traditional longboard which is more stable than other shapes of skateboards. Since electric skateboards are all fast, stability is necessary and important for rides' safety. So we suggest beginners to try an electric longboard at first.

maxfind motors

And here comes an advantage. Everyone can ride an electric longboard with or without skateboarding skills. Traditional skateboards are pushed by human force, but electric skateboards are powered by themselves and most of them controlled by wireless remote. So you everyone can ride skateboard like a skateboarder. The more frequent they ride the more familiar they get to skateboard skills, sometimes they can even do some tricks.

a child playing maxfind electric longboard

As for me, I get my skills and start to do normal skateboarding right now, after riding a Max A electric skateboard over six months. Electric skateboard more like a key to skateboarding to me.

I can barely stand on skateboard at the beginning, but I get used to the speed of 30km/h now.


After longboard, fish skateboard is also chosen to make electric skateboard. It is smaller lighter and cheaper than longboard. Rides can almost carry an electric fish skateboard anywhere, it is gonna be so helpful to their life and so fun for their riding. Some boards even reaches the speed of 30km/h which is pretty high.

max C electric fish skateboard

But normally electric fish skateboard is not as stable as an electric longboard, its speed might be slower and the riders need to be more professional.

Except shapes, there's more materials for electric skateboard to choose. Materials don't influence the board performance as much as them on normal skateboards. Riders of electric skateboard don't have so much tricks to do, while they are riding it as a vehicle. Safety is always the first.

So electric skateboards be made up of maple, bamboo or carbon fiber. They can be lighter or stronger. But beginner riders might want a flexible maple board, so that they can get more stable control.

two adults standing on one board

On the other hand, riding an electric longboard is different from riding a normal one. Skateboarders are always thinking about tricks, but riding an electric skateboard is similar to car driving, which means you need to focus and obey the traffic rules.

What's more, riding an electric skateboard on the road also needs courage and responsibility. Buses always comes fast, pushing to the bus stop, scare the rides a lot, a riders should have courage to overcome it and ride in a right speed. In the other way, a rider might be fearless, but obeying the traffic rules means responsible for everyone's life.

Anyway, once people chose an electric skateboard, they choose a lifestyle. It might be the best way to end the last mile for work or have a trip to somewhere. And there is no traffic jam any more. Once you put your legs on, you became the coolest person on the road.

What's more, it is easy to learn and everyone can use it. Your friends are gonna like it.

At present, electric skateboard is still new in some places, the rider who chooses it might be the first one in his area.

So come and choose your first electric skateboard and find your new lifestyle, become a star!

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