What You Need To Know Before You Buy Electric Boards?

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What You Need To Know Before You Buy Electric Boards?

No one needs to tell you the excitement of electric skateboards (Maxfind) these days. You know, I know. They play an important role in driving the technological world, which is constantly in a wave of innovation.

However, despite their originality, there are still many aspects to consider-even if the price is cheaper (such as low-end), the price is 300-500 US dollars. Let's take a look at 7 things about these amazing and jaw-dropping vehicles.

1. History

It’s really cool to understand the origins of skateboarding and the long journey that skateboarding takes to today. Now, not everyone knows that skateboarding has been called "sidewalk surfing" since the mid-1900s (if you do this, it will be your main prop).

As time goes by, people inevitably do their jobs: keeping pace with the times and constantly innovating. The driver invented his own style, which helped shape the design of many skateboards that are still on the track today.

For example, how many decks have wider hook tails. why? Because almost 41 years ago, California's sunlight caused everyone's swimming pool to emit. Therefore, "vert" was born, the wide kickboard is amazing for cycling. (I agree with that.)

2. Is it waterproof?

No one can predict the weather (sorry, meteorologist-but many times you say it won't rain...it only rains after five hours). Since it is a scientific fact that water and electronic devices do not mix together, this cannot be overstated: if your circuit board is not waterproof, water will damage it and it will bring great security risks.

When you are looking for a waterproof board, please look for the protection level-IP65 or higher is the ideal safe waterproof reading.

3. Comprehensive warranty

It takes time (which is very time-consuming) to check and investigate the details of the warranty, and then it will gradually pay off.

Some general tips to keep in mind are:

The longer the warranty period, the better (for example, two brands offer the same product-one brand has a 6-month money-back guarantee and the other brand has a one-year warranty; who would you choose?)
Read customer feedback on various online forums or on Amazon to
Understand if you need to
When the board needs to be repaired, try to repair the circuit board by yourself, will the warranty be invalidated4, does the warranty cover parts replacement or will you pay for it yourself?
The answers to these questions (and any information you need to know about the warranty and scope) should be on the manufacturer's website. If not, please consider using a spare board. A company that cannot meet your needs is not a company worth your money.

4. Battery

The type of battery packed on the motherboard determines the maximum total distance you can ride. Imagine: You plan to ride as much as you can for an hour, and when you glide in the air, you will be happy to catch the tan. Then, your board will slowly rise and fall until it stops. You are miles away from the power outlet. Now you are forced to walk (or push) to the nearest electrical outlet and charge the battery-usually it takes 1-3 hours.

There is nothing fun.

This is why it is important to always have a larger battery-these babies have more juice. Generally, lithium-ion batteries (Samsung is the most popular) are ideal choices in the ideal world. It is a good idea to keep this number in mind: on average, 99wh batteries = ~6 miles.

Although larger batteries and battery packs have higher upfront costs, they require fewer charge cycles. With its basic design, smaller battery packs have a smaller juice capacity and need to be charged more frequently.

5. Modularity

Modularity means your ability to repair parts and components yourself. If you own a bicycle, car or ATV (or any other vehicle), you already know that regular maintenance is not only good for your vehicle, but also gives you the opportunity to see and fix any potential (expensive) problems.

We take these babies to the rough terrain of Saki in medium to high speed, and usually put these things in hell. Sadly, electronic products are not easy to obtain-and require a certain level of knowledge to repair themselves (usually by design). Here, experts using special tools come in handy.

6. Performance

The unpowered (ie standard) skateboard is pure hell pushing the mountain. Now, although this is true, electric skateboards make it easier for you to travel uphill than everyone-the sloping slope and weight are factors of how many mountains you can actually climb.

I strongly recommend that you go to YouTube and enter your electric skateboard list; in particular, look for people who show untreated video tapes that ride uphill on "your" board. I mean, double check the "performance" of your board.

Anyway, remember: this is your Maxfind, and what you want to get is the key factor here. For example, would you buy your own car for someone else? Absolutely not. However, keep in mind that what you may want may help your wallet to reduce some weight.


7. Customize

If we can't customize our own board, then skateboarding will no longer be today. Personally, half of the fun of skateboarding is the ability to mix and match trucks, wheels, decals and deck materials/designs. This is why choosing the right deck that “feels good” at your feet is crucial: whether you are boarding a long distance, off-road or shopping, you know how important it is for a solid deck to feel right.

The same is true for electric scooters. Personally, brands that make circuit boards that cannot be customized should be avoided. Thankfully, most commercial boards give you complete control over power and performance settings. They can adjust to their own preferences-if family and friends share your board, they also like their way.


8. Price

There are many factors that determine the price of Maxfind. Just to name a few...

Lithium-ion batteries are more expensive than lead-acid batteries, for good reason. Lithium batteries can hold more "juice" in a smaller container.
Professional brand parts are of higher quality than ready-made parts (usually stamped with "Made in China").
The longer the range, the stronger the battery installed (and therefore more expensive). This can be done.
Yes, this is some but very powerful information. When you look at Maxfind and start to wonder why, please remember that this information is too expensive.


in conclusion:

If you need a suitable circuit board, you can check it on the Maxfind website, because our circuit board is designed for lifestyle, has a clear positioning, allows you to make various choices, and the price is high in the market. Board.
Learn more: https://www.maxfindboards.com/

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