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In the electric skateboard market, there has been a surge of budget products lately, often achieved by cutting costs on major components, such as using inferior batteries, non-name-brand motors, and controllers. However, these products tend to develop quality issues after a period of use, leading users to incur additional expenses for component replacements, sometimes exceeding the cost of purchasing the electric skateboard itself.

In such a market landscape, the Maxfind MAX6 new electric skateboard has once again earned the title of the king of cost-effectiveness. Not only does it inherit the excellent features of previous versions, but it also breaks through and improves in multiple aspects, becoming the preferred choice for users. Its emphasis on quality, performance, and reliability in design philosophy allows consumers to make purchases with confidence, avoiding the hassle and costs of subsequent repairs and component replacements. The emergence of the Maxfind MAX6 new electric skateboard once again underscores its position as the king of cost-effectiveness and brings consumers a more reliable and durable user experience.

best electric skateboard


The MAX6 new electric skateboard features higher-performance 900W*2 motors and Samsung 10S2P 21700 10Ah high-voltage battery cells, providing powerful propulsion and long-lasting endurance for rides. These capabilities are sufficient to meet the needs of entry-level riders. Importantly, entry-level riders often require more range and time to learn to control electric skateboards better. Our battery boasts outstanding range, reaching up to 31 Miles / 50 Km, which is the highest among electric skateboards in the same price range. Whether on inclines, rough terrain, or long rides, it offers stable and smooth operation, catering to various rider demands.



As an electric skateboard dedicated to achieving exceptional quality, the MAX6 new electric skateboard adopts a high-strength PPS flexible composite material design for its deck. The deck structure resembles that of professional diving boards in swimming pools, offering better elasticity and superior shock absorption compared to traditional bamboo and maple wood. This design ensures greater durability and longevity, with each board undergoing rigorous quality control and testing to guarantee users receive a product that is stable in performance and reliable in quality.

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The MAX6 new electric skateboard is more closely aligned with user needs in terms of intelligent design. Through the smartphone app, users can access various functions such as remote control, fault diagnosis, and ride recording, enhancing the user experience. We have also incorporated the renowned HOBBYWING brand ESC, ensuring smooth acceleration and braking like butter. Additionally, the intelligent charging management system allows users to conveniently monitor battery charging status, prolonging battery life.


Maxfind X Cloudwheels Joint Design 105mm Galaxy Wheels

The collaboration between Maxfind and Cloudwheels has brought forth an innovative design with the introduction of the new 105mm Galaxy Wheels. These wheels utilize advanced materials and craftsmanship, boasting excellent durability and shock absorption. Additionally, they feature a unique groove design, showcasing captivating radiance and colors. This not only enhances the visual allure of electric skateboards but also provides riders with a smoother and more comfortable riding experience.



In terms of design details, the MAX6 new electric skateboard prioritizes a user-friendly experience. Features such as the comfortable U-shaped foot feel design, waterproof and dustproof design, and OLED screen remote controller reflect attention to user experience. Moreover, the equipped LED RGB gradient lights not only enhance safety during night rides but also add a touch of fashion and personality to the riding experience.



Despite boasting such powerful performance and outstanding quality, the price of the MAX6 new electric skateboard remains relatively reasonable. In fact, it is commensurate with its value. While opting for electric skateboards with higher-level configurations would naturally entail higher prices, when compared to entry-level series electric skateboards, the MAX6 electric skateboard already stands out significantly. Moreover, compared to other similar products, it offers higher cost-effectiveness, allowing more consumers to enjoy the fun of top-tier electric skateboards.



The MAX6 new electric skateboard is hailed as the king of cost-effectiveness not only for its outstanding performance, exceptional quality, and intelligent design, but also for its reasonable price and user-friendly details. As a product designed with users in mind, it will continue to lead the development of the electric skateboard market, bringing a more high-quality and convenient riding experience to more users.

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Noah Brown

Noah Brown

I recently purchased the MAXFIND MAX6 and I couldn’t wait to receive and ride it!


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