How to skateboard Further And longer

When you are skateboarding on the street, you might be wondering, how to skateboard further and longer. Well, every push has a limitation. To stay cool and fast, you need an electric skateboard.

After trying a skateboard and a longboard, I began to ride an electric skateboard six month ago. My life has been totally changed, but most importantly, I can always skateboard further and longer.

The electric skateboard I ride comes from my company. We have two models which are Max A and Max B. I test Max B for about one week, but it is a little heavy for me. So Max A became my daily vehicle.

Here is the picture of my board. After using toughly for six month, it is still durable. Except I recently cut its grip tape to set up my GoPro Hero5. It is still my favorite vehicle.

I don't do much skateboard tricks, but my skateboard won't stop as long as I am pushing the remote bottom.

Every morning, Max A easily takes me to the nearest subway station, after that I just grab it and join the crowd. Since Max A is easy to carry, it doesn't bother me or other passengers. On the opposite, they are interested in it very much. Some of them even asked about it.

After an hour, I go out of the subway station and start to ride again. It is rush hour then, but my riding will never stopped by the traffic jam. So electric skateboard saves me a lot of time.

Besides, my riding always catch people's attention. It is awesome but still few in China.

Anyway, riding an electric skateboard on the street is much more comfortable than stuck in a car. Once you got it, you will know.

If you want to know more about electric skateboard riding, please keep attention to our blog.

  • 7-layer maple deck
  • Max speed: 28 Kmph/18 mph ( depends on users' weight and road situation)
  • Max Mileage: ≤16Km /10mile ( average 13 ~ 16km )
  • Uphill Climbing: 20% grade
  • Adults and Children
  • Always wear a helmet and protective clothing
Shell Hood Lagoon


  • Always Wear A Helmet And Protective Clothing.
  • Always brake while downhill
  • Always keep attention to the traffic condition
  • Always get your board fully charged before going outside
  • Always follow the traffic rules
  • Always slow down when there is crossing or obstructions
  • Never speed up while downhill
  • Never use your board in the heavy rain
  • Never do tricks when there are children in front of you
  • And please must watch out the bus