Interview From Facebook

Interview From Facebook

Interview Questions

Briefly tell us about why and how you started this company. What was your initial vision and dream for the company?

  • I used to work in Alibaba for 5 years and subsequently in eBay for a year. There was where I first gain knowledge of the export business. I saw a niche in this market and thought that this would be a good product to produce. My dream was to bring an environmentally friendly mode of transport to the masses while changing the international market’s mindset that China can only produce subpar products.



When and why did you decide to use Facebook as a platform for your business and how has Facebook helped your business?

  • This is where Facebook comes into the picture. It helped the company reach out to an international audience and we now have users from all over the world who use our products on a daily basis. Sometimes they send us photos and videos of themselves using our products and I am very happy to see that our products have had a positive impact on people. That also motivates me to keep going on despite several setbacks during this entrepreneurial path.



I heard you were a non skater when you started the company but you are very much part of the skateboarding culture. What have you learnt from skateboarding and how did you apply that to your business?

  • I think this is similar to the spirit of skateboarding whereby you pick yourself up after every fall and continue from where you left off. In fact, I was not even involved in skateboarding prior to setting up this business. I only picked up the sport after and it has now become part of my life.
  • The spirit of having no restraints, just doing it and going beyond your limits. (Video can show people pasting stickers on the skateboard) 



Did it shape your company culture? How does that tie back to your initial vision and dream for the company?

  • Nowadays, I spend about half an hour a day skating with my team during work hours. We use it as a form of bonding as well as research for our new products. It helps to bring everyone closer while at work. Skateboarders are young at heart and have used skateboarding to express and challenge themselves. 


How important is personal growth to you? Is that the root of your happiness?

  • I have learnt a lot through this business as well as skateboarding. Take for example one of my staff who was quite introverted when he first joined. In fact, he was the one who suggested that we go skateboarding together. To be able to see him grow as a person makes me proud. Our products are no longer just a mode of transport. It actually has the ability to bring out the best in people.
  • My happiness is no longer my own (unlike in the past), but it has now multiplied with the team that’s sharing this happiness with me and that itself is priceless.


Any advice for people who are thinking of becoming an entrepreneur?

  • Finally, I hope everyone would step out of their comfort zone while they are still young (adopt the spirit of youths) and just go out there to find their dreams/ meaning and do what they have always been dreaming of.