The Best Long Range E-Skateboard 2023: Maxfind FF PRO Series Unveiled!

The Best Long Range Electric Skateboard 2023

maxfind ff pro electric skateboard

Are you ready to redefine your electric skateboarding experience? Look no further as Maxfind proudly introduces the all-new Maxfind FF PRO Series, setting a new standard for long-range electric skateboards in 2023!


maxfind ff pro electric skateboard

Say Goodbye to Range Anxiety!

With an extraordinary surge in battery capacity, the Maxfind FF PRO electric skateboard proudly presents an impressive range of up to 27 miles on a single charge. Commuting with confidence and exploring your city has never been this liberating.

Fast Battery Swap Design for Unlimited Adventures:

But wait, there's more! The Maxfind FF PRO longboard features a quick-change battery design, allowing you to achieve theoretically unlimited mileage. The only limit is how many spare batteries you carry. The compact and portable battery packs are small yet powerful, and with an IPX5 waterproof rating, you can ride worry-free even in the rain.

Innovative Technology, Unmatched Freedom:

The Maxfind FF PRO E-sateboard redefines electric skateboarding by introducing a fast and efficient battery-swapping system. This groundbreaking design ensures that your journey doesn't have to end with a depleted battery. Simply swap in a fresh battery, and you're ready for an infinite adventure.

Compact and Powerful Battery Packs:

The portable battery packs are a marvel of engineering, packing a punch in a small form factor. Don't let their size fool you; these batteries deliver impressive power to keep you cruising for longer.


electric skateboard hub motor

Powerful Performance:

The Maxfind FF PRO electric longboard is now armed with the latest and greatest - the upgraded 1000W*2 B1 high-performance hub motors. These motors not only deliver a powerful acceleration but also ensure a remarkably quiet ride. With a mind-blowing top speed of up to 28 Mph, conquer longer distances without compromising on speed or efficiency.


maxfind ff pro electric longboard

Sleek Design, Silent Ride:

Experience a perfect blend of style and functionality with the sleek design of the Maxfind FF PRO Electric Motorized Longboard. The upgraded electric skateboard ensures a silent ride, allowing you to cruise through the streets with elegance and ease.


maxfind ff pro electric skateboard-1.jpg__PID:f0f40c8a-8bc9-4d74-aa02-e116bd957a82

Intelligent Riding Modes:

Adapt to various riding environments effortlessly with the ergonomic design and four adjustable riding modes. The high-resolution OLED screen provides real-time riding data, putting complete control at your fingertips.


maxfind ff pro electric skateboard.jpg__PID:02c9b3db-4cd2-4502-9180-46ccb27a0eee

Versatile Commuting Companion:

Whether you're heading to work or navigating city streets, the Maxfind FF PRO electric skateboard is your ultimate commuting companion. The removable battery allows you to charge at home, the office, or your favorite local coffee shop.

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