Maxfind New Glider G5 PRO 2024

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  • Top Speed: 25Mph / 40Kph
  • Range: 36Miles / 50Km
  • Hill Climbing: 35%
  • Dual Motor 750W*2 Power
  • 10 Inch Shock-absorbing Wheels


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Maxfind Glider G5 PRO Electric Scooter 2024


Experience the thrill of off road adventures with the Maxfind Glider G5 PRO. Specifically crafted for heavy adults, this electric scooter combines robust performance with convenient folding capabilities. Own your Glider G5 PRO now for portable and powerful off road excursions.


Your comfort is paramount!

Former GM designer Professor FRED led the design of Glider G5 PRO elctric scooter, clean and sharp with beautiful lines, ergonomic design, and comfortable control experience. Every detail of the design differentiates this exquisite electric scooter from its competitors.

electric scooters for adults

U-shaped Handlebar

electric e scooter for adults

U-shaped Handlebar

electric motor scooter for adults

Widened Large Pedal

fast electric scooter

Inflatable AT Wheel

best e scooter

73° Slope Design

fast e scooter

Dual motors are more powerful

Drive? Take the bus or the subway? Get there sooner, avoid the crowds, and have fun. Glider G5 PRO elctric scooter is fastest electric scooters for adults with an outrageous 25Mph top speed that can take you to wherever you want.

25 Mph Top Speed

35% Hill Climbing

750W*2 High Power

16N.m*2 High Torque

adult e scooter

The Ultimate Riding Experience

The Glider G5 PRO elctric scooter features super elastic pneumatic tires that provide greater traction and stability to ride on unswept snow, loose sand, or any soft surface. Overcoming asphalt, rocks, and stones on the road easily.

10 Inch Gas-filled

Shock-absorbing Wheels

3.5 Inch Tire

Widening Design

electric scooter battery

Ride for Longer

The Glider G5 PRO elctric scooter adopts the upgraded high performance B7 12S3P 21700 43.2V battery (Made of Samsung) which is waterproof, lightweight and anti-collision, and can be fully charged in 3 hours.

21700 43.2V 15Ah

Samsung 12S3P High Quality Battery

51V 3A

Fast Charger


Charge and Release

electric scooters that are fast

Let the Journey Unfold

Fold the Glider G5 PRO elctric scooter in a few simple steps - easily store at home, under your desk at work, the boot of your car or take with you on public transport.


Use your thumb to scroll to stop and go. Its intuitive design means there's virtually no learning curve. Ride confidently at any time of the night, while the rear brake light and turn signals make sure they know you're slowing down & turning.

fastest electric motor scooter

Hall Throttle

scooters for adults

Spot LED Headlights

foldable electric scooter

U-shaped Turn Signal

electric scooter led smart screen

LED Smart Screen

folding e scooter

Your Safety First

The Glider G5 PRO elctric scooter combines lightness and strength through a new triangular frame design that involves the application of aircraft-grade aluminum alloy materials and an innovative joint production process.

3 Types of Braking

(E-ABS, Ventilated Disc, Fender Tail)

Sturdy Frame

Aviation Aluminum Alloy

electric scooter esc


The Glider G5 PRO elctric scooter provides an unparalleled smooth riding experience through deeply optimized acceleration and braking algorithm control, can be continuously optimized through OTA remote upgrades, and is equipped with an automotive grade kinetic energy recovery system for a longer range.

Hobbywing 3.0 FOC ESC

3 Riding Modes

Comfortable Riding

off road electric scooter

All in One App

Anti-theft alerts, real-time scooter location tracking, battery range status, past routes, riding data and more – all you need to know about your vehicle can be found on the All in One smart app.



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Seaside Treavel

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Outdoor Adventure

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