About Us




MAXFIND’s Mission is to make commuting easy and fun

Founded by engineers and designers in 2015, MAXFIND wants people to use a new generation of better electric skateboards without compromising. Hub motor skateboards are safer and more secure than belt motor skateboards- efficient, easier to maintain, more concise and fun. Today, MAXFIND is the pioneer and leader in hub motor skateboarding. We believe that the hub motor is the future of electric skateboarding.


In 2014, when the founder of MAXFIND, riding a belt motor skateboard on a weekend, passed a common gravel road, the skateboard suddenly stopped, and people flew out and fell a few meters away. Later he found that it was because a stone stuck in the gap between the belt and the motor and caused the system to stop working. Ben later found out on the Internet that many consumer have experienced similar accidents. When people skate through the complicated road conditions such as sandstone roads or stagnant water, objects such as sand or small stones may stick the gap between the belt and the synchronous wheel quite easily, causing the skateboard to stop working and people may just fall. The injury event, and the exposed belt motor structure is a deadly design flaw. This problem greatly reduces the safety and fun of using skateboards. As a designer, the fatal flaw in this design is unacceptable.


So Ben found Leo, an R&D engineer as a balanced hub motor (Ben and Leo were high school students). The MAXFIND team began developing the first generation of hub motors for four-wheel skateboards in 2015. There is no belt, and the motor has no exposure to the outside (all the components are designed inside the wheel) - the world's first new hub motor skateboard MAX A. This hub motor skateboard was the safest on the market, the highest level of waterproof and dustproof, and the most-quiet skateboard. Once launched in the market, it quickly snapped up and MAXFIND quickly became the leading skateboarding brand in the Chinese market. After receiving very positive feedback from many users, we are more motivated to develop the speed of lifting the hub. With the introduction of the second generation, third generation, and fourth generation of hub motors, MAXFIND has released MaxA Series, MaxB Series, Mini Series, Max2  Series, Max2 PRO Series, Max4 Series, Max4 PRO Series, FF Series, Hub Motor Electric Skateboards in the past four years. The performance of each generation of skateboards has been more and more powerful, benefited from the advancement of motor technology.


In June 2019, MAXFIND successfully launched the fifth generation hub motor, with the highest conversion efficiency, highest speed, and the strongest climbing power. We are about to adopt the technology to the latest FF series skateboard. The FF series will be available to the Indiegogo crowdfunding platform in September.


All MAXFIND skateboards are produced at their factory in Shenzhen, and some of our partners are also partners with DJI, Huawei and Foxconn. Shenzhen has the world's best technology development, hardware design and production industry resources, which provides MAXFIND with the best growth environment for continuous innovation and rapid iteration of new products every year.


MAXFIND adheres to the minimalism design concept and the core values of technology, exploration and freedom. It has launched a total of 5 series of MaxA, Max B, MINI, Max2, Max4, Max2 Pro, Max4 Pro, Drive Kit and FF series to meet the needs of consumers around the world. As of June 2019, MAXFIND has successfully entered more than 45 countries overseas, covering more than 500 cities. MAXFIND's annual production continues to increase, providing hundreds of job opportunities to the society and quality products to its customers.


This is just the beginning. Technology is improving every day. Hub motors have natural advantages in safety, efficiency, service life, and noise level with great potential for improvement in speed and power. We believe that the hub motor technology is the future of electric skateboards. With the ever-increasing speed of hub motor technology and battery technology, MAXFIND will continue to focus on the best hub motor skateboards and offer our products to consumers around the world. This is the lifelong mission of MAXFIND to make it easy and fun for users to commute.