Get 9 Months Warranty From US When Ordering

Warranty: All skateboards come with a 270-day free warranty for quality issues. If there are quality problems, we'll send you replacement parts. If the customer can't resolve it, they need to contact a local repair center for maintenance. If the issue is determined to be caused by user damage (tire wear, severe impact and other wearing parts), warranty service won't be provided, and the customer will need to purchase replacement parts.

Refund policy: Refunds can be arranged if the goods haven't been received and haven't been shipped. If the customer returns the product without disassembling the packaging and not using it, and after our inspection shows no issues, a refund will be arranged.

Standard Repair Cycle: 15-20 Days

Repair Cycle Under Special Situation: 30 Days

Generally speaking, the repair takes about 15 days. But if the relevant accessories required for the repair are out of stock, we need to send the relevant accessories from China, then the repair will take a little bit longer. Anyway, the repair will be completed within 30 days. Thanks for your support and understanding.