Ride the 2023 Black Friday Wave: Electric Skateboard Deals at Maxfind!

maxfind electric skateboards black friday deals 2023
maxfind electric skateboards black friday deals 2023

Every Board. Every Dream. Unbelievable Prices.

Are you ready to ride into savings this Black Friday Sale? Maxfind Electric Skateboards is bringing you the ultimate deals of 2023, offering incredible discounts on their hottest products. From the fan-favorite all-terrain FF AT to the high-performance FF BELT, Maxfind has something for every electric skateboard enthusiast. Get ready for jaw-dropping deals, and don't miss the opportunity to snag the electric skateboard of your dreams at prices that will make you do a happy dance. 🛹🎉

Why Choose Maxfind this Black Friday?

1. Unparalleled Customer Support: Whether you're a seasoned e-skateboarder or just starting out, our dedicated team is on standby, ready to guide, help, and answer any questions. We're here to ensure your riding experience is nothing short of exceptional.

2. Optional Shipping Protection: While we always strive to ensure your board reaches you in pristine condition, life can be unpredictable. For added peace of mind, customers can opt for Shipping Protection at checkout, safeguarding their purchase from unforeseen shipping events.

3. Quality That Speaks for Itself: Every Maxfind Board embodies our commitment to premium craftsmanship and unbeatable performance. When you choose Maxfind, you're choosing excellence.

4. Swift Deliveries: Because we understand the thrill of anticipation, we've streamlined our shipping processes. Now offering swift deliveries in both the US and EU, expect to get riding within 3-5 days of your purchase!

Don't know which wowgo board is right for you?

Take a look at this article to gain a fundamental understanding of selecting an electric skateboard: How to choose an electric skateboard? Towards the end of the article, you'll find a shopping guide specifically for Maxfind electric skateboards.


A quick guide on choosing the right board:

  • MAXFIND FF AT: All Terrain Performance Beast!

The latest upgraded off-road electric skateboard is here. A jungle beast powered by 1500W*2 motors, the FF AT all terrain is a predator capable of 28mph, turning roads into runways and corners into apexes.


  • MAXFIND FF BELT: Built For Performance!

The FF BELT is your dream high-performance street electric skateboard with attention to detail in every turn, light and integrated form factor is an ultra-performance, comfortable, long range electric skateboard!


Elevate Your Ride

As the year comes to a close, there’s no better time to embrace the future of skateboarding. For both rookies and pros, a Maxfind electric skateboard isn’t just another board – it’s an experience, a revolution. And with Black Friday prices, it’s now more accessible than ever.

Stocks are limited, and at these prices, they won't last long! Whether it's your first ride or an upgrade, seize the moment, and make it electric with Maxfind.

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