Learning to skateboard and the skateboard skills

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Skateboarding is a popular sport that much-loved by the general public, but also a edge tool to brush the streets. Here is a brief introduction of a way for skateboarding beginners to get started.

maxfind electric skateboard

It is important to learn to distinguish between board head and board tail,and longboard trucks and wheels

  • The board head is wider than the board tail
  • The board head is more round than the board tail, and the board tail is more pointed
  • The tilt angle of the board head is larger than that of the board tail


Learn how to stand on a skateboard,skateboard stands

Stand with both feet in front and rear wheel skateboard truck screws position so as to make your feet boards wider and your body easier to balance


How to slide on the board

  • Lean forward with your right foot in front and fall your body's center of gravity in the center of the board
  • Gently push forward with front foot, push back with rear foot, and quickly put up your right foot after sliding
  • Adjust your feet and stand in the same position as in the previous step before sliding


How to quickly slide on the board and how to powerslide on a longboard

  • Pick up the board head of the skateboard in your right hand
  • Take a small step forward with your back foot
  • The front foot is forward, the skateboard is swiftly oriented, the front foot is standing on the front of the skateboard, and the rear foot is backward.
  • Quickly start the slide by quickly putting up the back foot


How to stop on a longboard and How to footbrake

  • Directly land on the back foot brake longboard and stop sliding,skateboards with brakes,longboard brakes
  • Jump off the skateboard directly in case of emergency,to brake safely while traveling downhill


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