The Best Electric Scooter For Adults 2023

best electric scooter for adults
Navigating your way from point A to B has never been more exciting! Electric scooters aren't just a mode of transportation; they're a lifestyle. Ideal for daily commutes, quick trips to class, or simply enjoying the journey, these scooters offer convenience, speed, and an eco-friendly ride. Plus, let me share a little secret – they're way more budget-friendly when it comes to repairs compared to cars! Join the electric scooter revolution for a commute that's not only efficient but also a whole lot of fun.

 Are early Black Friday sales a good time to buy?

Many retailers start "Black Friday" sales as early as Halloween, or even earlier. The quality of deals can vary early on, but as November progresses, many of the deals are as good as the deep discounts you’ll see during Thanksgiving weekend. See the Maxfind best Black Friday deals.



maxfind glider g5 escooter

After miles of testing and riding, I've concluded that the best overall electric scooter for most people is the Maxfind Glider G5 PRO at $1,299. It's perfect for long-distance travel with its quick battery swap design – a rarity in the market that Maxfind has achieved. The ability to carry extra batteries ensures you won't run out of power during your ride.

The high-performance 750W*2 dual-drive motor delivers ample torque and speed, smoothly handling steep slopes and challenging terrains. The Hobbywing electronic control system ensures a beginner-friendly experience with seamless acceleration and braking.

But for those who find this a bit steep, Maxfind has slashed the Black Friday price from over a thousand dollars to $699. This budget-friendly option, recommended for its affordability, boasts a top speed of 25Mph and a range of 19 miles – all for under $700.

There are also last-mile scooters, compact and designed for short distances with slower speeds, making them easier to carry and store. Larger scooters handle bumps better and can travel longer distances at higher speeds but may be less portable and often come at a higher cost.

Before making a purchase, consider the distance you need to travel and the total weight you'll be carrying, including yourself. Your riding environment – hills, flat roads, wet terrain – is also crucial (Maxfind Glider G5 Scooter comes with an IPX5 waterproof rating). Choose wisely for a ride that suits your lifestyle.


maxfind glider g5 electric scooter

Maxfind Glider G5 Electric Scooter

The Best Dual Motor Urban Scooter 2023

The Maxfind Glider G5 e-scooter boasts a spacious deck, allowing easy crossover or side-by-side standing. With a weight capacity of 265 pounds, it reaches a top speed of 25 mph and covers approximately 19 miles on a full charge. While not the longest range, it's sufficient for commuting, especially with the innovative quick battery swap design, letting you carry multiple batteries in your backpack for extended journeys.

Charging fully in about 3 hours, it's the fastest on the market. Equipped with 10-inch car-grade pneumatic tubeless tires, front dual suspension, and rear air shock suspension, it ensures a smooth ride. The acceleration is smooth enough for a one-handed takeoff, though not recommended. Adjusting takeoff for a more spirited start is an option if you desire.

Featuring a foldable handlebar for easy storage and weighing only 43 pounds, it's not the heaviest. The ergonomic design enhances comfort, simplicity, and safety with front and rear lights, independent deck lights, a bell, and signal lights. These signals may not be very noticeable during the day but are still a welcomed addition.

Another handy design feature: the Maxfind Glider G5 electric scooter comes with an IPX5 protection rating, so you needn't worry about riding in the rain. It also has sufficiently long mudguards to keep you dry on wet surfaces. Now available at a $400 discount from its regular price, don't miss out on this Black Friday promotion!


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