Maxfind Protective Gear Collection

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The best way to survive you in dangerous sports like skateboarding and protect your body every day!
Type: Protective Equipment (6 Sets)
Size: S

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Maxfind have strong faith with our design & quality. We provide 270 days warranty.


  • Multi sport purpose, The knee elbow wrist pads are flexible and suitable for multi sports protection such as cycling, bmx, biking, inline skate, skateboarding, scootering and other extreme sports.
  • One size fist all, The adjustable straps are flexible to different body shape, If you choose the adult or youth and it should fit You properly.
  • Perfect fit for child, man, women.
  • Impact resistance, The protective gear consist of durable and tough PP, PE materials with breathable polyester sleeve to wear, It could protect the user during the multi sports purpose, It is a wholesome package tht is meant to offer adults protection in the various sporting activities offering ultimate peace of mind in the midst of tumbles and falls.
  • Package Included: Knee pads, eblow pads and wrist guards.